Pipe Fitting

Discover our pipe fitting service in 
Mantua province

2Emme Welding has been dealing with energy heating systems, since 2014, from geothermal, to nuclear, from petrochemical, to renewable resources and biomass. The company, founded by Bonetti and Longati, is renowned and recognized 
in the north of Italy.
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The Preparation

Our skilled and qualified staff will take care of the preparation of tubes or metal parts of implants. Both for carpentry and the metal level, we will always ensure the best performance with competitive prices.

Present All Over The World

The company – with its expertise and qualified team, has a presence worldwide. 2Emme Welding is available to undertake work and commissions around the world, with the use of business vehicles and machinery for the execution of projects. In addition, many of our operations have been completed 100% on a subcontracting basis, working with national and international companies and not only 
within Italy.
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Contact us to know more on +39 0376 1375086
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